A Game of Thrones Second Edition Beneath The Red Keep

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Beneath the Red Keep gives you the chance to focus your deck around the shadow keyword with unparalleled flexibility with the new agenda,  Kingdom of Shadows (Beneath the Red Keep, 79). As characters from across the world gather in buzzing metropolis of King’s Landing, Kingdom of Shadows lets you include non-loyal characters from any faction in your deck, as long as they bear the shadow keyword. You are free to forge alliances with any schemer who will further your plans, creating synergy between multiple Houses and covering any weaknesses. 

This agenda further incentivizes you to make the most of the shadows by increasing the cost of each character you marshal by one. However, cards brought out of shadows escape this tax, and Kingdom of Shadows further reduces the cost of the first character you bring out of shadows each round by two. This means you can include a Scheming Septon (The Shadow City, 4), Catspaw (Streets of King’s Landing, 49), and a Hired Assassin (Streets of King’s Landing, 53) all in one deck, with the chance to bring them out of shadows for free!

Beyond the city’s walls, threats stir upon the waves as House Greyjoy prepares to move for power with  Shadow of the Isles (Beneath the Red Keep, 72). Like other loyal shadows events that appeared earlier in the cycle in City of Secrets, Shadow of the Isles can only be brought into play from shadows, but once you reveal the event, you can raze the mainland, having each player chooses a non-limited location and discard it from play. Then, if you honor the Drowned God by having a War plot like We Take Westeros! (Kings of the Isles, 46) revealed, you can return this event to your hand instead of discarding it, ready to launch another raid before your opponent can rebuild.


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