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The sword and the Spirits Novella : Legend of the Five Rings (L5R)


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Shiba Tsukune wasn't supposed to become the Champion of the Phoenix Clan, but their ancient sword chose her. Trained as a samurai warrior, she was to be the bodyguard of Isawa Tadaka, a powerful shugenja - and the man she loved. Although her new duties have drawn them apart, she refuses to stand by and watch as Tadaka falls to the darkness within him.

Tsukune follows Tadaka north to Cliffside Shrine, home of the Kaito family, where he is investigating the mysterious death of a prominent priestess. All around them, the shrine shows signs of decay and desecration, and the wards that for centuries have bound an evil demon are fraying. What secrets are the Kaito family keeping? And can Tsukune save Tadaka from descending down a dark path before it's too late?

The Sword and the Spirits by Robert Denton III is a novella set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings and features two exclusive alternate art cards for Legends of the Five Rings LCG.

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